Professionally trained in classical dance Supernova choreographed & toured as an international dancer for some of the world’s top pop artists. Pastel is a published model, film & television actor. In 2012 she founded Love Letters Cabaret, “Toronto’s most sexually charged dance theatre company.” Flare Magazine dubbed her one of Canada’s most influential women; she's performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame; she was titled "Best Stage Presence" at Italy's Como Burlesque Festival and is 2015's Alternative People's Choice Awards' Top Burlesque Performer. Watch out for her in "Becoming Burlesque" where she plays the dance pack's leader & choreographer, both on and off camera.

Supernova has developed a style of instructing that melds her dance technique with performance qualities that are focused on developing confidence and grace. Her choreographic style is a mix of (Martha) Graham technique, Latin dance styles and her own inimitable flavour. She has toured extensively teaching and choreographing in universities throughout the UK and is now using her two decades of experience to work with performers of all levels.


Rosie Mae is a professionally trained dancer and her post secondary education focused primarily on jazz and modern techniques. As a burlesque performer, Rosie became part of Toronto's Love Letters Cabaret in 2014. Rosie has produced her own comedic burlesque productions, created the burlesque training program "Burlesque Uni", and continues to perform frequently at Toronto's top nightclubs. She has experience on camera as a burlesque performer in various tv series and music videos, and most recently was featured in a role in the film "Becoming Burlesque" along with many of her Love Letters cast babes. 

As a professionally certified jazz and ballet teacher, Rosie now combines her extensive dance training with erotic dance styles in the classes she teaches. Rosie's passion for teaching brought her and Pastel Supernova together to create a burlesque school designed for adults to build their confidence, performance skills, dance techniques, and fitness levels. 


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