The BurlesqueUni Showgirl Intensive is a 10 week training program for students looking to further their dance and performance skills. Students create their own burlesque personas, learn basic - advanced dance techniques, become familiar with costume creation, participate in photo shoots, and create a full ticketed showcase at the end of the 10 week session. The program was developed and is taught by Rosie Mae and assisted and co-choreographed by Pastel Supernova.

University Levels

Hoe Zone


Pretty Slutty


We wholly embrace & celebrate the names we've playfully given our 3 levels of study in solidarity with the comrades who use their assets to earn their well deserved pay 

Pretty Slutty is for burlesque newbies. This level is ideal for students with less than one year of dance training.
Students will discover their burlesque personas, learn basic dance techniques, basic costume creation, learn group choreography for stage, create a solo burlesque act, and participate in a ticketed student showcase for friends and family.

Slutty is for burlesquers with an intermediate level of dance and performance training. A minimum of one year dance training is suggested for this level. This level is by invite/recommendation only.
Slutty students further explore their burlesque personas, create strongly developed group and solo choreographies, expand their basic dance repertoire, become comfortable in front of a camera (photoshoots/concept videos), and participate in a ticketed showcase.

The Hoe Zone is for burlesquers with an advanced level of erotic dance and performance training. A minimum of two years dance training is suggested for this level. This level is invite/audition only.
Hoe Zone students dive into their already strong burlesque personas, create strong/bookable solo acts, train in multiple disciplines of dance technique, begin to explore choreographing their own group burlesque acts, and participate in their own Burlesque Showcase.

**please note - there are no scheduled semesters at this time**

**Please note that instructors will place students in the correct level after a trial/placement class. These levels are only guidelines**


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