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Student Reviews

"My overall body posture and presence in heels has improved because every week we train a couple of hours wearing heels. I wanted to improve walking and dancing in platform shoes and I definitely accomplished that. 

A second thing I learned is the power of simple movements, how you can get the attention of the entire audience without doing over the top dance moves. I felt very uncomfortable at first when they told me to not rely on my dancing abilities. Now I am a lot more confident owning a room in just one look. 

Another thing I learned is how to create my alter ego, from head to toe. Every week we have to present show girl ready and this really forced me to be creative and helped me practice my makeup looks. 

The 10 week intensive was a very big investment for me, but I got a lot in return and in the end it was all worth it. I can’t wait to do a second intensive!" - Sophie For Now

"If you are totally in the dark about this beautiful world of burlesque, you’re EXACTLY like I was before my first semester at Burlesque University. Never in a million years did I think I would ever do something like this. When I won a free semester, I was excited, overwhelmed & straight up terrified. What will people say? Do I have to take off my clothes? How do people do this? I had no idea what burlesque was. I can now say that taking that leap of faith introduced me to a community that changed my life. Rosie & Pastel, as well as the other students gave me a level of confidence that I didn’t even know I had! If you, or anyone you know is even the slightest bit intrigued by this program, you NEED to join. If Rosie & Pastel can make me look good? (someone with ZERO dance/flexibility training) I guarantee they can make you look & (more importantly) FEEL incredible. I left my first semester feeling sexier, more confident, more accepting of my body & with the most amazing burlesque persona that has allowed me to live out my stripper dreams
I will forever be thankful for Rosie & Pastel (& my sister Cascade) for being the most incredible, supportive, bad ass teachers out there. So if you’re interested... please join I promise you will not be disappointed." - Violet Glaze

"Honestly, the last 10 weeks changed my life. I love all of you guys and so thankful to have met you and to have you be part of the beginning of my long-awaited burlesque journey! 💕 Thanks to Rosie Mae and Pastel, you are both such strong, inspiring women. Thank you to all of you so so much for being strong, amazing, powerful women!!! What a wonderful experience that show was—I’m up at 7am on a Saturday reliving the entire damn thing over and over!!!!!! Thanks, ladies!!!! 💋" - Nikki

"I started dancing as a form of fitness, as motivation to get up and get my body moving. I never anticipated the wonderful women I'd meet and now call friends. I never anticipated all the laughs, all the silliness, all the beautiful costumes, and new friendships. BurlesqueUni has not only changed my body, but also my soul. It's a sisterhood I recommend everyone needs in their life." - Sapphire Fox 

"I fell into burlesque completely by accident, but I am so happy I did! Burlesque - and particularly BurlesqueUni - has changed my life in so many ways sometimes it's hard to remember what I was even doing before I had a closet dedicated to glittery underwear. In spite of the zero dance training I had prior, I've learned and created alongside some incredibly talented people. Dancing with them has been some of the silliest, happiest, and most rewarding times of my life, and I guarantee you'll come away from BurlesqueUni a changed human." -Cascade

"Hi, I just wanted to saw I took a few of your classes in the summer and you helped me open a door I didn't know was there. At one point I looked in the mirror and saw my aura glowing. You are magic and help people wake up and transform." - Anonymous 

"It was great to see you all looking empowered, happy, and confident while demonstrating your skills! This is some of the most fun burlesque in the city! Thanks for working very hard to create this sexy, powerful, and meaningful show!" - John Newton (audience member)

"Fun and challenging class. Rosie is really good at challenging you at your level and learn new dance choreo and moves. Also a great workout." -Queenie


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